Power, Drugs and the Pagan Soul

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The hierarchy and the illusion that your cells are any different to the man on the corner… that false power is a drug more dangerous, but just as addictive as any chemical…”

 First things first, a pagan is a polytheist. An individual who worships or believes in the existence of more than one god/dess. More often than not, pagan souls’ worship and run with the natural world around them… however this may not always be the case…

The hierarchical core of the human condition has filtered its way into the essence of the magick of what paganism stands for. It has elevated many who are deserving and who attempt to help, but it has also crushed many elders in the same light… Why? Because we are all human? No, because power is a drug. The path that us pagans follow was and should still be the path of the wise, however the lack of wisdom (which comes with heart) is a miracle within the community today.

Tolerance is thrown around like a sweet wrapper on the pavement… and many will walk over it, instead of picking it up and changing the world, one person at a time. Power hungry and forgetting that with each initiation and each step that you take on this path, the more you become a servant to the greater good. Humility is something that I look for in people, mine was bred through suffering, my own heart ripped from my chest a thousand times until I learned. I do not wish this on any soul, however, if the soul cannot work through the stubborn mind that believes it is higher / more powerful than any other being… it must suffer the consequences.

You are the master of your destiny. You are also the reason, the cause and the master of all consequence affecting your reality this very second. Many point their fingers at those who are addicted to hard drugs, however the fingers being pointed are those who are addicted to the power, and sadly they have the knowledge and not the wisdom to know that they are simply servants in the greater scheme of things.

Algoth’s Grove is more than a shop, a learning centre and a healing centre, we are a helping hand that keeps our word. This life is so short, and the pharaohs who ordered the downfall of those beneath them, lost their power and their gold to death. Do they remember in their after lives that they had that power… maybe, but the question should really be, did that power elevate or destroy their soul? Here’s the joke… you have no power over anything but your moment to moment existence. You may change, insult, abuse or attempt to destroy anything but it will not last and at the end you will be bending the knee to the gods.

Spiderman… “With great power comes great responsibility.” Im not seeing an awful lot of those with big mouths taking up the responsibility. Charity is not giving the hand once and telling the community how you assisted. It is the quiet midnight assistance and the assistance after you think you could lose it, but seeing the happiness of another is your only reward, and oh, what a reward a happy person is. As pagans we should be standing together. As humans we should be standing together. As souls on the same path, we should and can stand together and uplift the community as a whole… as all of humanity together. But you need to lose the bullshit. You need to find tolerance. You need find patience and you need to bend your own knees and pick up the broken… because the broken ones are just as much a part of you as your own children are.

On the note of hard drugs and the human condition, those addicted, using recreationally or simply adding it to their social calendar, cannot be in a position to teach, they cannot be in a position to be giving information or even being a face for the anyone. Hard drugs destroy the vessel (the body), if the body cannot function then the soul cannot filter accurate heart-felt information through. What you are left with is a distorted view of what the person was meant to be imparting. Our community has many drug users and abusers, in fact too many to count and many are socially doing this. Hard drugs and alcohol… you cannot run ritual, or class whilst under the influence of anything besides the channelling of your own spirit. You want to speak of the witches and the currents, and the ancestors and the gods, but what reverence have you if you come before spirit completely inebriated? What are you teaching the young ones? What example are you setting, and where is the sanctity of the poetic beauty that we are meant to be practicing? Many argue… but the witches of old used herbs and hallucinogenics to travel. Yes, hedge witches are known to have used plants to gain visions, but they had respect for the spirit of the plants. They worshipped the journey for what it was… there is a time and place for everything.

There is discord between the people, and the reason for the separation and the discord is that the self has been comfortable for too long. Do you think that teaching spirituality is fun and games and titles and pretty words? NO! its hard work, it is getting up at midnight and helping, its teaching the right from the wrong, and guiding, its being sober from the man-made junk, and being a direct channel of GRACE from the spirit world.

You have an important mission, you have an enormous responsibility, as do we all. I am no better than you, and you dear soul, are no better than me. So, let’s roll up the long fancy sleeves and get working on building, healing and teaching the GRACE of spirituality…

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