Life after Death

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Death, your door seems always waiting… turning that handle may very well not be the end at all…”

In a single week I have experienced several people who are mourning, I too joined the mourning souls who have been left behind without answers… but there is a knowing from the other side, a wisdom that permeates through me as I write this… Death is not the end. There is in fact a freedom that we cannot explain in our modern tongue that lacks any real grasp of the spiritual truths.

Suicide, heart failure, organ failure, bad decisions… they all get one through the door, but some of us who have tried a thousand times and still not managed to turn the handle, have been left behind, why? The soul decides, not the mind, not the body, but the soul. The soul and the spirit. You are being led by your higher self. This is the truth, the very truth that permeates through the entirety of our existence. The spirit has decided long before, but if your mind complied from day one, there would not be much learning happening at all.

I celebrate the lives of those that have gone. I celebrate their beauty and their ugliness, for it was in their authenticity that permeated through their life that we are to love. Love the brutality and love the sadness, love the mistakes and love the mess ups, because in their faults we see their humanity, and in their beauty we see their spirits. I am typing this blog, but the tears are running so much that it is almost too hard too see… need eye-windscreen-wipers 😊

The message that I bring you is that the understanding of the spirit from beyond is that peace and love beyond emotion is all that exists. There is do and get it done. There is fight for your authenticity, and fight for your place in this world. The love that those that have passed on bring is so overwhelming that it does not always resonate with what we know here. The dead are not dead at all, they have simply changed and meandered into new journeys. Existence is so vast and so incredible but we are playing here in our humanity, and our humanity has boundaries, we have scopes, and our scopes cannot begin to touch on the vastness of the expanse that is existence. No science, no metaphysical spiritual movement will ever explain it all in a single sentence, book or library. The world wide web is a peanut in comparison.

So rest, my dear fellow souls, rest and know that our people who have left us are free from the life they gifted us, in which ever way we found it. They are moving as their higher selves and they are deciding on where to go next… like having a free plane ticket to anywhere… they are happy and they are made of love… the tears are for our loss not for theirs.

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