Wassail! Yuletide Celebrations

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“’tis time to be reborn,

The sun god’s warmth in my sight,

Come in, come in, we welcome you in,

Child of promise, child of this winter’s rite.”

Yuletide – celebrating the birth of the sun god. In a nutshell, it seems peculiar to the new scientific mind, but Yule is so much more in the microcosm, Yule is so much more within the very confines of our hearts and minds. So, the documented history stretches all the way back to Egypt, back to the birth of baby Horus, the celebration lasted 12 days, each day was meant to represent each month in the 12-month calendar that was used. 12-fronded palm tree branches were the most valued decoration because they represented the birth, death and rebirth cycle of the sun. Everything revolved around the sun, it still does… even our own inner sun.

Whether you seek into the history and attempt to find logic within the multitude of Yule stories, or whether you understand the workings of it in your own life. The entire concept and the funny little quirky habits that come with the territory happen regardless. It is a habit of many to make way for the new year, the new light, the new sunlight, the new promise. Yule is also the solstice with the longest night and by default, the shortest day. It is in this darkness, the furthest that we can go into the depths of winters grasp, where we catch glimpse of the promise of the coming warmth, good-fortune, and we know now in the 21st century, that this is the worst that its going to get… we know that the macrocosm will now begin to forge longer days and the sun’s strength will grow, and it is this knowledge that gives our insides a little giddy jump because what lies over the next while can be so exciting… if only we believe.

Cleaning out the old spiderwebs caught up in the darkness of Samhain and pulling together the ideas and the weeks of contemplation in our dormancy is important to put into the front of our minds. These amazing ideas will begin catching on to the power of the sun, to be mulled into the first beauty of Imbolc and then finally planted at Ostara. Yule is not meant to be quiet, it is meant to be loud, and filled with joy and celebration, why? Because the darkness has once again been defeated and this will be shown as the earth warms from this time onward.

There is no more time to hold your breath, it is now time to celebrate the coming months of happiness, success, hard work and growth. Growth is important to understand. Our Gods have come out from the underworld. The great feminine darkness, the void of all unmanifest has now given birth to the CHILD OF PROMISE, the future Oak King. Similarly, to equate this into your own life. The void of the cold, the void of darkness has now found the first breath of light to emerge from the cold. You now have sight of the future, sight of how and where you are exiting the darkness.

How to celebrate

Let’s give this new hope some energy, shall we? Let’s empower the new child of promise, let us empower this turn of the wheel with something exciting…

Yule scented bath salts

Makes a great gift as well…

You will need:

Ziploc bags

Epsom Salts / Sea salt rocks

Essential oils e.g. Clove, Cinnamon, Orange, Naartjie, Cypress, Ginger.

Green / Red Food Colouring

Pretty bottles with good lids

Mix your essential oils in a separate bowl until you have a fragrance that you like. Make sure to not use too many drops. Less is more with essential oils and 3 drops goes a far way. Once you have the mix right, fill your Ziploc bag ¾ with your Epsom salts or sea salt. Now add your scent. Close it and shake it well. Open and smell the result. Now add your colouring, shake again. It is better to make separate coloured bags and then pour into bottles in layers than attempt to multi-colour a single bag.  Bottle and bless with a chant like this one borrowed from Dorothy Morrison:

Bath salts that perfume and smooth,

Achy joints and muscles soothe,

When mixed in water, bring relief,

From all pains and aches and heart-felt grief.”


What you will need:

8 cups of apple cider / juice

2 cups cranberry juice

½ cup sugar

1 tsp allspice

2 cinnamon sticks

1 orange

A handful of whole cloves

Place a big pot on the stove, on high. Throw in your 8 cups of apple juice / cider and cranberry juice. Stir in the sugar and allspice. Turn the heat down until it simmers. Now take your orange and press in your whole cloves. Place the orange in the pot, then place in the cinnamon sticks and put on the lid. Let this cook up for at least an hour. Check and then place on lowest heat and allow to cook for 3 more hours.

On a last note…

Remember Wassailing is greeting the new child of promise, it is also about gratitude, gratitude for your life, every small beautiful and wonderful thing… a thought… if you woke up tomorrow with only the things that you were grateful for, what would you wake up with…

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