Tarot Tuesday: Major Arcana – The Fool

0 – The Fool

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It is the fool that knows without knowing, it is the fool who owns the world.”

Welcome to our Tarot journey with you all. It is imperative that when you read the tarot, that you find and resonate with the fool within yourself…

The Fool – 0 – Unlimited potential – Uranus – Freedom – The Spirit of Aethyr

Archetype: The Child / Simpleton / Chancer / Spirit devoid of ego

Task / Goal: Playful energy is needed, gathering experiences, no bias, no thought, no logic

Risk / Danger: Confusion, change of everything known, foolishness, awkward uncomfortable period

The fool is Aleph… the fool is the first breath that a baby takes, the fool is the circle and the no-thingness, yet everything all in one. The fool is you without all the egotistical illusions that society places upon you. The fool suffers no anxiety or stress, but the fool also falls and has a million people laugh at him, yet, the fool doesn’t realise, and the fool doesn’t have the capacity to care.

Why is the fool depicted as a young boy? The concept of masculinity and femininity within the craft and within many of the major spiritual teachings is in its simplistic form a dance between masculinity and femininity. The feminine is the void. The female aspects are everything unmanifest and everything that has not become into being yet. The masculine is the manifest. MASCULINE = MANIFEST, so is youth an image of new beginnings. The Fool is the first step that we take within the journey of Tarot and of life.

The entire major and minor arcana is a journey that we ourselves take. It is a constant play on our archetypes. We merge in and out of the fool right throughout our lives, as well as through our other archetypes / cards. Think back to your first memory and a playful moment, this is where you will find your fool without the baggage you now hold, without the titles and the supposed importance.

In spiritual truths, the ego is simply an outfit we keep changing in and out of and adding to of course. Just like the jester. The jester was also one of the closest people to the king, he was the spy of the kingdom. The fool is newly manifest, just born, wild eyed and full of delight for the world he has found himself incarnated into… here is the truth… we all had to take a fool’s leap to return to incarnate into this world during this change. His map is not fixed as we see with the 0 that the card is numbered with. His position when alone can be anywhere in the deck. His home is where his hat is, and he follows only his intuition. His connection with spirit is strong because he has just been born. He is the baby of the tarot; he is the youngest and he is the free spirit that many of us have forgotten, yet he is also the hero at the end… this journey just like the zero without a point inside that represents him, is a continuous cycle that we walk and cannot escape throughout our life.

His wonder and his unshakeable trust in spirit is what leads him on his journey. He reminds us to trust our intuition. He also comes to give us a message of a time when we need to understand that there is no grounding, there is no fixed plan and that the landscape to come is something out of the ordinary. It is imperative that when the fool shows up in a reading that an open mind is to be kept. Change is imminent, there is no doubt about it. It depends on surrounding cards of whether this change is you or if this change is something external to you that will be imposed on you. Regardless of where the change is coming from it is important to trust your gut instinct.


Some people do not reverse the tarot and if you follow the understanding of the psychological notes left to us by Jung, then there is enough in a single archetype to not have to reverse the card. However when reading, you MUST FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. To be a good reader you will know to feel if the card indeed is reversed or not even if it fell in a certain way. This is all dependent on you, so find what works, but always follow your intuition.

The reverse side of the fool is the reckless image of the innocent. It is an action or a move that your querent / you are planning, and the fool tells us that there is not enough groundwork. This is flying blind into the horizon with no known sight of land. Depending on the surrounding cards this is either a good idea and you may indeed find land, or it is wise to ask them to go back to the drawing board and perhaps map out a little better. Rather safe than sorry is never the quote for the fool… but then it depends on the person… is this how they are living their lives? Does this card symbolize them or does it symbolize their actions?

0 – The Fool

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