Wild Wednesday: Healing the complex female

Healing the Complex Female

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Imagine that you, my wild sister, were perfect as you look in the mirror… imagine that you my wild sister needed only one more thing to open your eyes and see your beautiful perfection… imagine if that one thing was only to breathe in the beauty of your life.”

Rage, alcoholism, drug abuse, emotional abuse, pain, trauma, the vicious death caused by constantly closing doors… the tears, the turmoil, the painful realization that you are not that woman on the cover of the magazine, or that you are not even the person that your lover wants… the mother that just never gets it right, the breast has dries up and then that moment that your womb is stripped from your body… the million mile per second firing neurons that connect everything and then get shot down by the husband that everyone respects, the beatings the sexual discord, the shameful nudity that makes you run for cover… the spirit that gives you peace but then you feel disconnected the second you open your eyes… the single mother being both male and female, the lover of the mothers and the haters alike, the longing for the wild open spaces where you faintly remember running bare legged and bare breasted, free and wild haired, chasing the voice of the wind and bathing in the streams of eternal knowledge… oh, how the face of this world has changed… and with it, so have you, your hair is forced into a tidy assemblage of professionalism, your clothing spotless, your personality has been well adjusted over the years into pleasing the faces outside… and the loneliness inside?

Have you filled it in your books? Has your spirituality completed it? Then why, my sister, have you not carried that into the world? Can you walk out wild haired and not care? Not out of rebellion, but because you know who and what you are, and you remember the wide-open spaces and the strength…

I know that inside you is my strong sister, the warrior woman… when you shed the social norms, when you heal your soul… you will hear her roar. Society says lie down. Society says behave. Society tells us women, what to do, how to dress, who to be and who to follow. PUT DOWN the phone for a second and go and appreciate the small bits of nature that we have. BREATHE IN your Beautiful ESSENCE. Breathe in you and all that you are. Breathe in your connection to OUR MOTHER EARTH. Feel her again, feel the womb of the planet deep within you, your connection is not broken, it has been forgotten and you need to remember it. In the shower in the morning FEEL THE ESSENCE OF FEMININITY IN THE WATER. Face the west, my witch sisters, and bathe in the raw essence of emotions, surrender the hells that you have had to face, surrender the pain and the torture. No matter how big or how small they seem… SURRENDER THEM! Then face to the East, take back your OWN mind and be proud of your specific makeup, face the SOUTH (Southern Hemisphere) and thank Mother Earth, ask her to guide you and let you remember, hold your hand over your SACRAL CHAKRA and KNOW YOU ARE WOMAN! Then, get ready… FACE THE NORTH and breathe in your OWN PERSONAL fiery passion and GO AND CONQUER YOUR WORLD.

Woman are the movers, shakers and changers. We hold the essence of the void within us, we hold the power of the ENTIRE MACROCOSM. It is OUR RITE. WE HOLD THE ESSENCE OF THE GODS WITHIN US. We NEED TO REMEMBER THE SONG… the tune that raises the hair on the back of our necks… we need to close our eyes, open our hearts and hear the voice of the power that we have told to be still for far too long. I do not care how old, how poor, how rich you are… STAND UP AND HEAL YOURSELF! It is our job, our purpose to heal and change this world. It is our soul divinity to BE THE MOTHERS THAT OUR MOTHERS NEVER WERE… It is our divine essence that will heal our sisters that have become too weak to rise up and roar…

I believe in you… I need you to remember to believe in yourself!

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  1. All I can say is ….wow. Your poignant words so aptly reflect the travails of being woman, the passage so many of us have had to endure in our lifetimes. Your message is empowering. Thank you….


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