Fantasy Friday: The Macro-Cosmic Mind

Written by Algoth’s Grove 

“The mind is not the brain; the brain is not the mind. The mind however… the mind’s many levels, many unexplored enigmas are also, most definitely not confined only to the brain.” 

Science is fantastic with all its discoveries and its thousands of various faculties that are busied by little ants attempting to prove, disprove and bring us the truth… however from Einstein’s experiment with the pollen on water to the modern day photon experiment by Daniel Walls, we have only really begun to place our big toe in the mysterious waters of the macrocosm’s truth… 

Firstly, truth is subjective. Truth is based on a wide range of experiences based on the individual’s life, as well as the influence of others on the individual. Science has now proven that an experiment will change, even in the slightest way, by being observed. Just so the microcosmic mind changes the macrocosmic mind. It is imperative that the world find solace in the fact that we are all stepping to a cosmic dance routine… that I affect you and vice versa. You are not an island, and by default, neither am I. 

We are all living in our heads, the amount of mental disorders is on the rise, and I have yet to meet someone not diagnosed with some form of bi-polar. Don’t get me wrong, mental illness is real. But it is also due to countless outside influences and if we all got out of our heads for a while… perhaps we would realise why we have all got free ticket to the straight jacket show… 

From years of researching religions and spiritual ways of life, I have found experiences and synchronicity’s of all kinds. I have had and still do have synchronized friends that I don’t see for months but who are on my exact path and tell me exactly what I need to know. I have come to realize that all we need to do is wash off the past and listen to the present. Keep it simple sister!  

So, how can I say that? How dare I say just wash off the past? What about your feelings and what about those bastards who hurt you and treated you unfairly? What about the filthy f*&^%’s who abused you? Should they not pay? Retribution, revenge, anger… let it out my fellow soul… let it all out. Cry, heal and wash it off… it doesn’t matter how many times it takes you, but get rid of it. What has been done, has been done. I have walked the path of every single contorted suffering that you can imagine… and it was the awakening of the macrocosmic mind within my own microcosmic self that whispered: “Let it go… That which does not serve you to your highest purpose… just let it go” If you do this… then the hundredth monkey on the next island will let it go, the next beautiful mind will awaken and let go… but it is up to you. The dance that you and I are learning is beyond religion, it is beyond race, it is beyond the anger and the pain and the hatred, it is beyond anything you or I can currently perceive. The dance is the flow of the greatest joy you could ever feel, if only we could stay in the mind that allows us the feeling of the effortless flow found in acknowledging this dance… if only we could just forge a bond with the universal spirit within us all… we could stop the fear, stop the madness, and lead the next generation into something more beautiful. 

This is a selfish act… the act of letting go, the act of washing off, the act of being at peace. It’s your selfish right to heal yourself. The truth of life is this: If you do not heal, how dare you believe you can heal another? If you do not love yourself or find love for all that you are within yourself, how dare you utter the words “I love you” to another? It must exist in the microcosm to manifest in the macrocosm.  

The macrocosmic mind is the microcosmic mind. These two dances are one beautiful synchronised movement that will go on and on and on… You are affecting the greater whole. The web between us is so strong that there is no denying it. We are all energy, we are all made of atoms, with the smallest known particle to date being a quark… but who knows how deep the rabbit whole goes? The infinite possibilities open to you my fellow soul, are endless. There is no stopping what you are capable of… the countless miracles that have been attributed to gods and religions are really a result of the dance of the microcosmic mind in unison with the macrocosmic mind. Whether the gods are our invention, or we are theirs, does not matter, what matters is that you have an experience, and your experience is real. Your belief is real, no matter what it is. You have manifested everything you have in your life. You are your own author of your own story… you choose how it meanders, and you are also the co-author of the macrocosmic dance… 

How will you write today’s meandering tale?  

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