Spirit Saturday: Living a pagan life

Written by Algoth’s Grove 

The pagan soul, a delightful inquisitive believer in the magick and miraculous potential of the universe…” 

There are so many books, so many people, and so many websites that spit out the history of paganism and spit out various spells for witches, rituals for shamans, methods of forming kindreds for the heathens, groves for the druids… and then there are the ignorant ones who live from fear. This blog is none of that. This blog is our attempt at explaining the lifestyle of the pagan soul regardless of the path that you identify with or the path that you follow under the pagan umbrella/tree.  

The basic grounding beginning that pinches every pagan is a wonder for the universe around them and a thirst to know more. A belief, whether stemming from sight or feeling, that the box they find themselves in does not provide the answers that they seek. Jung would be proud at the amount of seeker archetypes in the pagan community. This pagan tree has thousands of branches to go and rest your head in and marvel at the wonder of the ways and nature of its essence. The witches with their covens, spells and intense devotional ways, the heathens with their beautiful raw approach to their own set of gods, the shamans with their rites of passage and their medicine, but then you find that you can be a pagan and combine all of these… you find that the pagan tree, the tree of both life and knowledge, is available to all to experience and love and revel in its endless beauty. 

Pagans are not scary. Pagans do not worship the religious concept of god or of the devil. In fact, Pagans are some of the most intelligent, open minded seekers on earth. Many are healers, many more are empaths that feel the hurt of this planet in the core of their soul. So many pagans suffer from intense depression because of the knowledge they hold inside. The pagan, the soul who sees more because they have chosen to walk this path, is a normal spiritual being on a human journey, just like everyone else. Paganism in all its branches, contains no evil or malice… It is the particular human who enters this pagan tree in search of power, quick, fast, hard power and these are not pagans. Paganism is not about power over anything. It is about intense self-control, it is about self-discipline, it is about finding ways to help and to heal. It is about reaching the state of Nirvana… It is an extremely deep path of understanding and delving into its own inner world to one day emerge as a butterfly.  

To understand a way of life one needs to isolate the human condition and look at the way of life without the human condition. Paganism gives choice and allows for self-governance. There needs not be someone else tell you what to do or how to do it. You become your own compass. This is not possible for many and they seek out teachers because they believe that the teachers know… and yes, they do, but no teacher can tell you who and what to be. This is the path of the individual. You will spin your own cocoon, that cocoon is compromised of the amount of time and effort you put into self-betterment. It is compromised of the teachers you choose and of each decision you place into your pagan practice. Paganism is your journey, and it is your right to choose the higher vibrational path or the lower vibrational path. Neither are wrong, it is dependent on the individual’s specific makeup.  

Paganism is about acceptance and tolerance. You will reach a point where you find peace within yourself and that peace will allow you to understand the cosmic dance that each one of us is on. It will allow you to understand that each person is doing what they need to be doing to fulfil their own higher destiny. Whatever name you give these certain things will be up to your path. You will meet many guides and many teachers, and the only advice that is concrete and pertinent to us all is: do what feels right to you. So, here is a little exercise before you make a decision that you don’t know if you should or not… Place your dominant hand (usually the hand you write with) over your solar plexus chakra (The area in between your ribs between your stomach and your chest.) ask the question, state both decisions and your intuition will tell you which one is right. You will feel it.  

Paganism is as beautiful as you make it to be. It is freedom and it is poetry in an ever-changing movement. It is the only way of life that encompasses the entire world. If you wish to follow Jesus, for example and still practice within a witchcraft setting alongside Mother Mary and her Saints, and also add the Nordic God Odin into your practice, then by all means do so. The questions that you ask in your practice should be:  

Does this work for me? 

Does this feel right to me? 

Does this make me feel spiritually fulfilled? 

If these answers are right, then you are doing it right. Paganism has not a rule of thumb or a specific thou shalt not. It is up to you. Yes, causing harm to another living creature, human, animal or other, is morally wrong, and that is where we come into the discussion of the moral compass. The moral compass is also dependent on the individual and their own path. However, for your devotional practices to be strong, your moral compass should be absolute. It is important for kindness and compassion in both the higher and lower vibrational paths to have grounding.  

Far too often we blame the religion for the human’s ill behaviour. The religion has nothing to do with it, and it is a sickness within the human mind that taints the way of life. I must take the example of catholic priests here… not every catholic priest needs to be kept from your sons… some of them truly have a divine connection with their energetic signature of the God and of the Jesus that they believe in. Not all Luciferians are malicious people, in fact some of them are the most intellectual, well behaved people you have ever met.  

The point of the matter at hand is that the spiritual journey under the pagan tree is as vast as the cosmos, it is you who must navigate its many beauties, and always keep your human in check. Never cross over the moral boundary into a life of pain, suffering or damage to yourself or to another. Make sure that you find the teacher and the guide that is right for you as well as the deities that work for the time that you work with them, and always, always speak your truth. Be kind and allow others to live their life, even if they are too blind to allow you to live yours… distancing yourself and being a good example to others is better than retribution. And lastly, always strive to be the best version of yourself, whatever that may mean for you.  

See you in the myriad branches up in the pagan tree of life and of knowledge 😉 

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  1. This is perhaps one of the best written descriptions of Paganism I have ever read.
    Thank you, dear one….


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