Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The Magician

Written by Algoth’s Grove 

Ah, it is to Hermes that I have always pleaded… ‘Take my words to the highest order.’ But when I picked the magician up and digested the lemniscate… I took my own words to the highest order.” 

The Magician – 1 – Focused Attention – Mercury – Magic – The Magus of Power 

Archetype: The Creator / The Master / The Heavenly Father 

Task / Goal: Facing tasks and mastering whatever is set forth / Giving in to impulses / Taking the initiative / listening to intuition / Strength in perception / Self-Fulfilment  

Risk / Danger: Megalomania / Charlatanry / Overwhelming feelings of Omnipotence 

The Magician is Beth, he is the fleeting hand of creation that never stops. The Magician is the embodiment of self-realisation. He is the perfect example of ‘As above, so below…’ The Magician is teacher of the silence behind concentration. He is the focused knower of direction. He teaches us to Manifest the energy from above into our lives here below. The magician is the channel of oneness. He embodies the truth of Oneness. He teaches us that we create everything that we have before us. We have created everything in our lives.  

The Magician is also the trickster, an honest one. He holds both the above and the below, the light and the dark, and within his perfect concentration on the task at hand, the Magician is the perfect balanced dance of everything now becoming manifest. The Magician is usually depicted in front of or surrounded by the symbols of the minor arcana or suit cards. The pentacles / Diamonds (earth & Money), the Cups / Hearts (Water & Love), the wands / clubs (Fire & work), and the swords / spades ( Air & intellect). The Magician is above all these earthly things, he uses them wisely (in an upright position) and neglects them when in the reverse.   

The Magician is the Eliphas Levi, he is the magus who has balance in all forms of manifestation and understands that he is the channel between divine energy and the reality that he, himself has created. The journey of the Magician is one of discipline. The number 1 associated with him is the number of all creation and representative of the yang principle. It is the light and the spirit. It is the power of manifestation. When we look at the creation principle before duality and study it more closely, we find the source of all, the faith that is the Fool card discussed last week.  

Unlike the Fool, The Magician has a focused approach, when he appears in a reading, the querent is in a state of manifesting greatness by the highest order of the universe. When the Magician is reversed in the reading he shows a charlatan nature, a trickster and someone who is attempting to misuse their innate skills. It is important then to show the querent to redirect their energies or the person in question’s energies to a more honest or more dedicated approach. It is important to pull them back to earth and ground them in reality.  

It is also interesting to note that The Magician is the world becoming manifest, but just as he is the redeemer, he is also the one who is in need of redemption. It is necessary then to bring the unconscious untapped potential to the light of the awakened, conscious mind. Each human holds a Magician, just like each human holds a Fool, and as we transpire through this journey we realize that we must take the believe like a child into the endless potential of The Magician and make manifest the dreams and the life’s work that we were meant for.  

The Magician card download link below

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