Medicine Monday – Bushman’s Ecstasy

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It is not a drug, it is Mother Nature’s way of bringing love and light into her people. When you become greedy to get high, she will make you throw it up and sit with your mouth shut and your head pounding… but if you thank her, if you use it wisely, she will make you feel more loved than ever before… and who doesn’t want to rest in Mother Nature’s Bosom?”

Sceletium Tortuosum, the greatest Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) in mother nature to date. The side effects are minimal, and the studies are extensive. However, there may be even more necessary information to be found, so always make sure when you using natural remedies to keep note of dosages and of the amount of times that you use the plant (any plant) and what the effects are. This helps greatly when understanding your own biology.

Back to the magic of Sceletium… Not only does Sceletium bring your mood to a stable happy place, but it also assists in controlling the social fear that many have. It calms Obsessive Compulsive Order (OCD) and it brings the mind into a focused beauty that allows the person to be able to concentrate on the matter at hand. It is a brilliant precursor to ritual and spell work and even though many websites claim that it makes you high and makes you hallucinate; it does not produce hallucinatory affects at all.

What it does do is place new eyes on the individual. It provides the mind with a calm yet elated state. It prevents the suicidal thoughts and it does not contain the side effects that most anti-depressants come with. Not only is Sceletium built for a new age lifestyle, but it was thought to be tried by Jan van Riebeek as well. He noted on how the Khoi San bushmen used it, how they fermented and crushed the plant and then were seen to be able to run long distances without food and water and be unaffected. Sceletium is now scientifically proved to curb the appetite and allow the body to survive extreme temperatures without needing hydration.

The results and the details of the Cape Town student study can be found here:

It calms the stressful lifestyle and allows the mind, body and spirit to work as one. The plant spirit of Sceletium is one who truly assists. She is a helper for those wishing to live a ‘normal’ balanced lifestyle and those who are involved in matters of the spirit, there is without a doubt no better ally. Sceletium also assists in matters of libido and brings back passion and zest for life.

Algoth’s Grove sells Sceletium Tortuosum Powder:

100g – R425

1kg – R3600

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