Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The High Priestess

The High Priestess – 2 – Major Arcana

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“She is the marriage of the conscious and the unconscious, she is the bridge and she is the unity, she is the Shekinah, she is the feminine aspect of God, the gate of the sanctuary.”

The High Priestess – 2 – Focused Attention – Moon – Intuition – Priestess of the Silver Star

Archetype: The Queen of Heaven / The Holy Cauldron / Cerridwen (Goddess of Witches) / Goddess Isis, Ishtar and Astarte

Task / Goal: Watch for Synchronicities, record your dreams, watch your premonitions, listen to your inner voice, trust in the universal guidance, trust in your own inner voice.  

Risk / Danger: Delusions / trying to flee reality / have a secret that is burdening.

The female is the vessel of transformation. The High Priestess is often equated with the mythical and popular story of Pope Joan who was only caught out for being a woman when giving birth in the papal procession. All proof of her existence being wiped from the records to save the face of the masculine rule. It is said that she is the embodiment of Isis, Astarte and Ishtar… that she is the Yin to The Magicians Yang. She is ruled by the moon and is the epitome of the subconscious, the psychic void, the cauldron and all its endless wonders. She is the shadow in Wicca, where The Magician is then the light and The fool is spirit without or devoid of duality.

Both in the divine makeup and in the human mirror, femininity does not make the law, but femininity is rather the instrument of its enactment. Just so in a relationship, a woman brings forth 25000 words for her husband to provide a single sentence of manifestation. It is this divine union that runs on the grace of understanding placement and purpose that allows the three main characters of the archetypes in Tarot to coexist through the rest of the deck. The fool, The Magician and The High Priestess / Popess are the most important characters and archetypes throughout your Tarot journey, everyone and everything else is simply an aspect of these three characters.

The High Priestess rules in a calm, all knowing understanding grace. She holds the feminine power and she will continue to do so until the end of time. She has no need to busy herself like the Magician, for she is in a constant state of flow. Her psychic connections are steadfast, and she is a continuous flowing feminine well of cosmic wisdom.

The High Priestess comes forward as the Number 2 in the deck. Number two is Duad, it is also the duality of everything accepted as is. Life and Death, Dark and Light, Hot and Cold and so on… even though the High Priestess is the void and the cauldron, she is also accepting of every part of duality. She sits between it and is understanding of the placement for everything. There is no action in this card, it is simply the is. She is the psychic underworld and all femininity. As in the Wiccan path, the Goddess transitions between Maiden, Mother, Crone, Underworld bearer of death, and she who gives life again, so this is the High Priestess all in one.

The High Priestess is also the source of the deepest inspiration. Utilising this card in meditation will assist greatly in bringing your inner voice to a louder, more concrete seating when you are in your conscious waking state. The High Priestess is your subconscious to conscious bridge and for that reason she is the one who will bring things to light, not by her own doing but by using the magician or another card that we will discuss later.

The High Priestess is a powerful card to utilize in magical workings and meditations. In a reading, always look at the surrounding cards for she is telling you something, she knows all and she brings all into the light. Remember that it is only from being in the darkness that you can recognize the light.

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