Wild Wednesday: Feminine Inception, Masculine Manifestation

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“She opened the void to allow the sun to give warmth to the cosmic dance…”

The concept behind the thought process of this article is not gender related at all, it does however outline and highlight where the masculine role comes into play. On a spiritual scale, your gender identity is completely irrelevant to the knowledge and experience imparted in the following blog.

With that out the way, let us begin at the very beginning. Our premise for the following is based upon Hermes Trismegistus, who is quoted saying: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

The feminine is the inception behind everything in existence, as well as existence itself. Femininity is not the manifestation thereof though, that is attributed to the masculinity found within everything tangible. The feminine void, the darkness, the unknown, the promise and the untouchable is the birthing process, the Masculine sun / son, the known and the senses known to touch, taste and science is the birth itself.

Each spirit is devoid of the yin and yang principle. It is only when the spirit chooses a body that it requires a soul to translate the flow from spirit to mind and then manifest it within the body. It is at this point where the duality is provided so that the being can adequately meander through what we know to be this life. Each being is given equal feminine and masculine energy. It is through conditioning, social and existential pressures that we find a woman and a man and the 54 other known genders to hit this new age.

The spirit has no use for this. It is imperative that this point be understood, so that we can explain and bring forward the core principle of Feminine inception and masculine manifestation. The Mind exists in all our energy centres and when reaching a point of nirvana or even a point of heightened awareness, one experiences a complete oneness and an absolute loss of gender.

The feminine energy that is required for the inception of any thought is found throughout religions, throughout magick and cannot be denied. It is religion that has warped the idea, however they cannot refuse the idea and it is well hidden within Holy scriptures. In the Sumerian texts of Enki, it speaks only of his and his brother, Enlil’s mother Anu. It does not ever mention a father or masculine figure. This is the oldest known text to date and even there we do not find a masculine inception. We do however, time and time again, find a father god, or a masculinity behind a physical act or creation and this is where the cosmic dance begins to play.

If we move into the Jungian theories, Jung clearly states that the masculine receives the feminine chitter chatter and transforms it into a coherent string of sentences. This is not a stab at a woman but merely a clear point to emphasise bringing to light the darkness. Only a female can give physical birth, but a man can give birth to an idea whether or not he is with a female on his side. Every woman has an inner masculine and feminine dance. Every man has this same dance. Every person on this planet has a soul from which it derives its divine direction depending on the health and the nature of the persons physical and mental state. It is not a superpower to reach the state of understanding the spiritual, it is simply understanding and experiencing existence without duality or without being affected by the dual nature of this existence.

On the surface relationship between a man and a woman, or between a masculine and a feminine being, it is imperative that the same pattern that occurs in the cosmos, be kept on this level. In other words, it is the position of the female to bring wisdom, darkness, idea’s, thousands of thoughts and pathways, options and potentialities to the masculine who in turn creates from what he has been given. It is the position of the masculine to provide a garden or a world in which the feminine may revel and return with healthy wisdom etc.

An unhealthy spiritual connection through the soul of any being will render this dance of masculine and feminine obsolete and nothing will come from it except sadness and tears. To choose the feminine incarnation is to choose to inspire. To choose a masculine incarnation is to choose to bring the feminine principle to fruition in this dual universe where we find ourselves.

It is the Goddess who inspires, it is the God who creates, provides and protects. It is the Goddess who nurtures and comforts, it is the God who builds the shelter and paves the pathway. It is then by default in accordance to the divine laws the masculine that manifests and the feminine that begins the process with a single thought…

What role is it that you have found yourself in?

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