Tarot Tuesday – The Major Arcana – The Empress

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“She is the three, the dalet, the door of creation. She is the Holy Mother of all pleasure and abundant fertility.”

The Empress – 3 – Focused Attention – Moon – Intuition – Daughter of The Mighty Ones

Archetype: The Holy Mother / Queen of Heaven and of Earth / The Holy Madonna / Corn Mother / Demeter / Ceres

Task / Goal: Bringing something to life, Certainty of Growth and Birth, Abundance and Fruition

Risk / Danger: Instability, pressure, smothering love, closed creative channel, focus is needed.

A quote from the Tao Te Ching will assist greatly in understanding the importance of The Empress:

“…One engenders two, two engenders three, and Three engenders all things…”

Tao Te Ching

Ruled by Venus, The Empress is flowing directly from The High Priestess. She is The Holy Cauldron that has now brought forth fertility. She does so with her consort, The Emperor (Which we will cover next week) Together they make the Holy / Divine Parents. When we covered The High Priestess last week, we saw how her passive nature embodied the spirit of The Fool, the power of The Magician, but it was all a potentiality. This is not the case with The Empress, she is action and she is in a constant state of giving birth. She is the eternal harvest.

To understand The Empress we must understand the flow from The Fool. The Fool is the faith without question or the embodiment of spirit, The Magician follows to show us the ability to bring what is in spirit, down into earth, the High Priestess brings in the image of Duality and reminds us of the moment that incarnation occurred we were gifted an illusion of Duality, it is now that one step further where the divine mother births creation.

In a reading The Empress is a great possibility of an actual baby. However, if that is not the question then it is the definite fulfilment of a project or of a time of great abundance and of fertility. The Empress in her reverse role, if you read like this, could signify a mother figure who is ‘in ones way’ or a female figure who is too pushy and controlling. It could also signify the overwhelming presence of too many projects and not focussing on one singular thing.

When The Empress or The Corn Mother is in alignment, she brings with her the spiritual tidal wave of abundance and of fertility. She is creating all over the place, it is The Emperor (that we discuss next week) that brings in the organization and the disciplined filing of all her wonders into order. Many books discuss only one aspect of this abundance that she brings. They do not always mention the need for order in the abundant chaos. She is Mother Nature incarnate and if you take a look at Mother Nature gone wild, there is a great need for focus as well.

It is imperative then, when The Empress is found upright in a reading that we look at the surrounding cards. It is also more necessary to allow the querent to focus on what abundance actually looks like and if you see that the person is swamped with thousands of thoughts roaring from the cauldron of becoming, then gently nudge them into concentrating on the one thing or one process that is closest to their heart.

The Empress is also more heart felt than she is power. She knows her place, she knows her power. She does not require the delusional grandeur, for she is creation in motion for all eternity. She is constantly giving birth and giving all that she is to the rest of humanity. She is the Mother of all humanity.

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