Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The Emperor

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“To rule as the emperor, is truly to serve. He is the divine father… the divine order.”

The Emperor – 4 – Authority – Aries – Organisation – Son of the Morning / Chief of the Mighty Ones

Archetype: The Divine Father / Jupiter / Zeus / Odin / Dagda / Horned God

Task / Goal: Creating order and structure, sorting problems into a focused area of to-do lists, a time where intentions and ideas will manifest into reality

Risk / Danger: Egotistical power-hungry rigidity, perfectionism, a cruel ruling

The Emperor is the Divine Masculine. He is the 4th, the Heh, the window. He holds the ability to take the creative concepts of the divine feminine (The Empress) and manifest them into tangible creations on the physical plane. The Emperor is not boastful, and nor does he act from his ego. He is divinely connected as the Divine Father Archetype and has not a single fear. He looks to his divine consort – The Empress – for inspiration. She is his source of ingenuity and creative brilliance. He is her divine order and the manifestation of her dreams.

The Magician and The High Priestess mature and wed to become the Empress and The Emperor. It is from the Emperor that we find the first utterings of civilisation. The Emperor is completely faithful to his inner spirit in an upright position or in a positive polarity within a reading, however it is when he finds himself in a negative polarity that we witness the vile actions of an overactive egotistical mind. As Aries is the ruler of The Emperor, we see the similar traits within this card. On one hand, The Emperor can be an excellent ruler with an empathic heart and an extremely connected soul, on the other hand we notice how ignorant, conceited and cruel The Emperor can be.

When The Emperor appears in a reading, he brings news of manifestation of dreams, ideas and creative ideas. He also brings with him the possibility of bringing order if the querent finds themselves in a place of chaos. It is extremely useful to utilize The Emperor for meditation or dream-work when one needs order to any situation or when one wishes to bring an idea to fruition, and you need a concrete way of manifesting it.

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