The New Gods, The Old Gods, and all the faces in between

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The primordial spirit never sleeps, it never wakes, it simply is… and so are we.”

So many gods, so many fables, stories and prophecies… which one to choose? I witnessed a student on a group once asking for direction into the right path… the teacher attempted, very well to guide them into an explanation that the path that they follow will come from the heart… but the student never understood and the seeker continued to hunt the truth… because the student believed that they would find the ‘X’ where god was and where the truth was…

Here is the truth you are looking for, there is no truth. There is no ‘X’ that marks the spot. In fact there are many spots lined with many many fragments of truths documented by many individuals who have been on the same hunt and maybe came back to repeat the game. The only truth on this plane of existence is the truth that you decide to wear to bed. That small voice that so many of us ignore and decide to follow another is the very voice that marks your ‘X’. That is where your god lies and where you path resides.

The direction that you are looking for is in your own heart and soul. The world, the people, the surroundings that you find yourself in are what you have made them to be and are currently, as you read this, creating. You are energy and so is everything else in the world. That is the foundation. You build everything with that, with what you are and with what you are made of.

If you want something, work hard for it. Pray about it and desist the complaints and the ungrateful attitudes. There needs to be a vibrance if you want the energy to grow. There needs to be life for life to multiply. In other words, if something is not working, decide… either make it work and change your attitude, or walk away from it. If something works, grow with it. The gods are not the controllers they are the guides. You make them right or wrong. Pele, for example can be a destroyer or she can be a fierce protectress. The truth of the thing is within you.

The entire universe is made up of billions upon billions of energetic signatures. Each one is like a box filled with a certain vibration of energy and you choose to dip your hand in and make use of it. Each one comes with side effects, and each one changes the make-up of the you… you change every single time that you choose to open a box. Sometimes the change is significantly large and life threatening or life changing in the most positive way and sometimes it is a subtle change over many years. Either way you are growing, you are evolving, and you are right in your pursuit.

The map is what you have written. The points are each for your evolution. The choice is yours and the path is yours alone. People come and people go. Each person is a teacher and each box or energetic signature that you dip your hand into and either consume or discard is part of your evolution. There is no duality except the duality that you make for yourself. In the spiritual pursuit, you cannot ever be wrong if you follow the still small voice inside you. In this spiritual pursuit it is your responsibility to strengthen your intuition and it is your responsibility to follow your path to the best of your ability and to keep your own mind in check.

The old gods, the new gods… new prophets, old ones and all the fables… everything is one. Everything is energy and everything is exactly that… it exists. You make it what it is… what energetic signature will you partake in next?

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