Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The Hierophant

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The revealer of sacred things…”

The Hierophant – 5 – The Saint – Taurus – Control / Social Order – Magus of the Eternal

Archetype: The Pope, The Guide, The Wise-man, The High Priest

Task / Goal: Search for meaning within the situation, what is apparent to you and what is concealed. Find the direction, listen to your intuition

Risk / Danger: The God complex, misuse of power, the destruction of order, rebellion.

He is Vav, he is the connection between himself as the face of God and the people. Ruled by the neck and the inner ear, overseen by Taurus, The Hierophant is the concept of the inner voice. The intuition, the whisper between god and man. It is said when the student is ready, the master will appear and The Hierophant makes this so much more evident.

The Hierophant is also the initiator. In the traditional Rider Waite Deck we find two people with various costumes on approaching The Hierophant. The symbolism behind the varying clothes is that, as with everything beyond the fool, there is duality. Just so there are two ways to reach a point of initiation into the mysteries. Many say is one side of heart and the other of head, but on a more esoteric notion it is possible to surmise that one is of ascent and the other of decent. Both ways will reach the same point of spiritual initiation into the mysteries.

The Hierophant awakens the inner teacher / guide / guardian, it is he who sits in the seat of wisdom but on a symbolic note, The Hierophant is neither masculine nor is The Hierophant feminine. The Hierophant is an androgynous being, pointing to the most important fact that to be the face of god one needs to balance our ida and pingala and run ensure that our shushumna is flowing freely. We need to balance our masculine and feminine energies and understand the mysteries of both before we are able to sit in the seat of wisdom and guide others on the path.

The Hierophant is also the visage of social order under a religious context. In Wicca this may be the face of The High Priest or Priestess and the coven order as a whole. In Christianity, The Hierophant is the Church etc. However, when the Hierophant is found in a negative space he is the abuse of power and the epitome of all negativities found within organised religion. It is important to note that Jung saw The Hierophant as the saviour of human consciousness. The role taken is one of great importance and it is generally believed that the universe will not always allow you to wear the face of God if you have not yet walked the path with God.

The Hierophant is also the picture of control, upright, this control is necessary and vital to the survival of the human race, reversed this control could equally be the destruction thereof.  It is interesting to note that the crossed keys are found right across the world. On the one hand it is the Christian concept of Jesus gifting Peter the keys of heaven, on the other it is the symbolism behind the endless depths of the teachings of Goddess Hecate.

There are many Mudra’s to be found and the one found in The Hierophant is one which understands what is obvious as well as what is concealed or hidden, and aware of both these instances in any given situation. It is imperative on the journey of The Hierophant that one has crossed both light and dark, Goddess and God path, initiated into the light and into the shadow before one emerges as The Hierophant if that is in fact the desired Journey of the soul.

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