Witch’s Armchair: Is your beautiful soul caught in the World Wide Web?

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“No one knows the precise timing of the breath of soul entering the body, but we do know that it is what animates this flesh, and that knowing alone should remind us of our origin.”

The digital ages demise is the 1’s and 0’s that give a feeling of soul to the people. There is something beautiful about the community aspect that social media and world wide web communications give, but it is so empty. The hands of the people reach into the digital desires and they laugh at the comments, get angered by the stupidity and cry tears for those that reach out openly in the status updates… but is any of it containing the breath of soul?

There are so many posts and articles on being alone, and how not to feel it. The truth of the matter is you can never be alone. The illusion is that you are, the digital age fills this by an added layer of false emoticons proving to satisfy only for a moment… until you return for more pages, more posts, more attention.

The breath of God/dess lives within you. That is what you are. You are the spirit. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm and you are a thread of light making up the tapestry of life. You are precious and you are more than the 1’s and 0’s, you are so much more than the social media, so much more than the digital satisfaction and that is why you keep going back, because it can never fill you, it can never be enough. It is truly a world wide web and everyone, including myself, is caught up in it.

The free information, the colours, the endless conflict and opinions. We are not meant to be subjected to the entirety of creation when our minds have not been welded in line with our spirit. This is the cause of the shocking suicide rate in youngsters and the overwhelming loss of life is unnecessary. How do you stop it? Put the phone down, put the world wide web aside for at least 2 hours a day and go into nature, or go inward and meditate, listen to the small still voice who has no time for falsehoods spiralling the human condition out of control like a drug. Become aware of the beauty of your soul. Find that piece of yourself and then, after a while you will see how little the world wide web has to offer you… you will find the happiness, the purpose and the meaning that you crave.

Look into the faces of real people. Smell the air, conduct real rituals, not online ones… become sober of the fact that the world around you is not inside the digitized mimicry. You are a beautiful soul and what you need to do the work that you are here to do is inside of you.

Introspection is a necessity to find what you are looking for. There is nothing outside you that will truly fulfill you. Not overeating, not social media, not drugs, not buying thousands of crystals, books or decks, not arguing with the world wide web to make people see your truth, none of it… only spending time with the beauty of your soul will give you the purpose, give your life the meaning to carry on and give you the peace of mind to tackle the world as we know it.

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  1. Well said.


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