Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The Lovers

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“It is the union, the marriage between the three defined inner worlds which expand beyond space and time that is the true image of the lovers.”

The Lovers – 6 – The Two Roads – Gemini – Control / Social Order – Children of the Voice / Oracle of the mighty Gods

Archetype: The Decision, The Crossroads, Hecate

Task / Goal: The most potent decision is to choose from your own free will to declare heartfelt loyalty to one path, or person. Choose one.

Risk / Danger: Effusiveness, extravagance, Dishonesty, separation in oneself, isolation.

Associated with the element of Air, ruled by the astrological sign of Gemini, The Lovers Card is a card filled with possibility and more importantly the possibility of Love. It is widely agreed upon that The Lovers signify a relationship and a union of sorts when it falls in a reading however, The Lovers card is more than the mundane relationships and coming together of good partners, it is also about the inner love and grace between the various levels of consciousness.

The Lovers card is associated with the Hebrew letter Zain which means ‘sword’. It is the sword that will cut the decision that is right out and leave the rest by the wayside. It is descriptive of the relationship between the conscious, subconscious and super conscious or over-soul, and higher self. This relationship is one of the most important relationships for any being incarnated on this plane. For a human being to be of true service to the world around them and to be an active part of the greater scheme of things, it is imperative that this union is sound.

When reading and The Lovers appear in the fall of the cards it is imperative that the surrounding cards are checked for reference to why there is a decision to be made. Whether it is indeed a love relationship that is on the horizon, usually signified by cards such as the Ace of Cups, Two of Cups or even the Knight of Cups. However, if the Eight of Cups or the Three of Swords were to show up alongside The Lovers, then there will be two or more eligible suitors and a choice will have to be made.

The modern Tarot Decks have changed much of the symbolism behind what The Lovers in fact represent, but it is important to remember that originally it was a man, a woman, an angel and the Christian concept of the tree of life with the snake of wisdom around it. The importance of all the symbols is that the conscious mind (Male) will always look to the subconscious mind (Female) for actions and decisions, the subconscious (Spirit) will then always look to the super conscious or higher mind, the spirit for decisions and actions. If this union is perfected the being will always have an acute intuition by their side to guide them through the conscious living of what we call life. If, however, The Lovers are in reverse and there is no sign of a troubled relationship or a troubled love affair then it is this union mentioned above that is needing fixing or healing.

The Lovers card is also known in the Kabbalah as The Disposing Intelligence. This in Laymen’s terms is the part of the mind that can separate and distinguish. It is the problem-solving action of the mind. It knows and understands the existence before and after duality and in accordance with the actions of the being as they stand, it will venture into making decisions that are apt to the survival of the being.

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