Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The Chariot

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The Tao that can be expressed is not the eternal Tao; the name that can be defined is not the unchanging name.”

                                Tao te Ching

The Chariot – 7 – Child of the Powers of the Waters – Cancer – Movement / Energy / Constant Motion – Lord of the triumph of Light

Archetype: The Departure / The Seeker of Unity or Return

Task / Goal: Penetration of the great unknown, accomplishing greatness, leaping forward – great distance, great movement, adulthood

Risk / Danger: Loss of self-control, Arrogance, Megalomania

Just when you think you know something, breathe, digest this personal truth, and repeat. The Chariot, our seventh card but eighth card in the journey from the fool is the process of this movement. Many esoteric practitioners forget the simple truth that the Chariot is a continuation and not an ending such as Death that will change the course.

The only constant in the universe is change, the only truth in the universe is that there is no truth. The Chariot is the first moment in the Tarot when the journeyman finds himself separated from the divine. This is the movement into the path where he/she will have to return to this divine state. The journey is long and full of peril, happiness, tides and changes, but return he/she will indefinitely.

The Chariot is also the development of the ego self. In the Rider Waite deck, we witness the empty nesting presents bestowed upon the figure in the Chariot by his mother, the Goddess. The Chariot has her gown of stars in place of a roof, shielding him from above. He wears both the phases of the waxing crescent and the waning crescent on his shoulders. The Chariot is marked by the wings of truth bound by the golden orb of the single source energy of the universe. In front of the Chariot are the black and white sphinx representing the divine balance and unity of where this journeyman has originated from, as well as the divine sight he/she holds in their mind, for he/she believe that they have found the truth.

The Chariot shields the journeyman in the comfort and memory of the divine origin of the self. This represents the surety and the strength of the ego self. Please note that this picture is not megalomania, but when the Chariot is reversed it is very possible that the querent is wearing horse blinkers and cannot see anything beyond his own truth. When upright, a healthy ego has been created. It is showing more than promise and a sign of the Chariot within a reading means that there are great feats to be expected of the querent. It is a card of movement and if the querent can harness this newfound ego, this movement can be continuous without coming to an end. This means that the success can continue. It is very rare to see this happen, but it is possible with the correct direction and guidance.

The Chariot is a great moment of revelation. It is the absolute knowing that great things are in front of you, it is the absolute knowledge of a journey that holds great success / happiness or of finding the part of you that you need to fulfill. The Chariot is an excellent card to use for meditation to return from a writer’s block or a place of stagnation. Cut out pictures of the Chariot and place them in areas of your home where there is stagnant energy. The inspiration and the flow of energy will return. Please state your intention to the energy of the Tarot card before doing this lest you end up moving to a new house.

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