Witch’s Armchair – Touch, Pause, Engage!

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Once upon a dream, Algoth’s Grove was born…”


As many of you know, Algoth and I began Algoth’s Grove to bring the pagan community at large, one of the greatest magick supply stores known to man. We began the small shop over Yule 2018. We painted, built, sourced and sorted. We worked hard and stressed over the smallest of details. We had the goal, we saw a happy pagan community with love in their hearts, growing together as one united force, whilst still following the path where their hearts took them.

This was our dream, and it has not changed. During this time, we met many new people, faced many horrors, many miracles, and we were wholeheartedly exposed to what the community is at large. It is fragmented, broken, tarnished and filled with souls who are dying to find their spiritual community, but who have no idea what that community even looks like.

We found purity in the darkest of the people and found soot in some of those who have chosen to lead others. We also found the pure souls, and there are so many of you. So much beauty. We listened, we learned and then the mundane life caught up as well. Spirit beckoned to us to straighten out those amongst us who were not as they pretended to be, spirit asked us to walk away from many people. We did not understand, or at least I did not. I only listened when we lost our dearest friend to suicide. She committed suicide not even 48 hours after her first-degree initiation. The events that followed disgusted me. I met her in spirit, and I was shown more than I dare to admit. Spirit then told us again…


We began to withdraw from everyone and everything until we surrendered to spirit’s call. In the silence, with the doors closed, we heard the voice and we understood. We heard the cries of the community, the community that wishes for the world to help, but they will not suffer a witch to live. The two faces, the double-edged blade, the burning of crosses and the darkness. We have sat back to watch those who dare to stand before the gods and call themselves leaders of a fragile community only to drag these hopeful souls into the pit of spiritual warfare that they themselves have not been able to see. We have sat back, watching, waiting, and slowly, quietly we have built the Algoth’s Grove name. We have packed and priced the stock, readied the Secret Garden, imported the magickal and medicinal seedlings and plants… oh, we have worked, and we have been still, pausing the light to wait for the moment, revealed by the gods…


The date has been revealed. The 15th January 2020. Our doors will be open to the community at large. We will bring you what you desire, we will bring you the community that you seek. Why? Because this is not a fashion show for us, its not a hate parade or a reason to be known, we are doing this for you, each one of you! This is our life calling, to bring the community back to their own light, and then to understand and to work constructively with the shadows that they cast. We are witches, proud to stand before the gods and say that we work for the betterment of humanity. We know our light, we know our core soul, and the pagan community will find unity, but only for those who wish to honour the gods with absolute honesty.

What you can expect from Algoth’s Grove in 2020?

  • Tarot Decks, Oracle Decks, Lenormand Decks
  • Witchcraft Paraphernalia
  • Magickal and Medicinal Plants – Dried, Fresh, Seedlings
  • Hedge-Witch DIY Grow Kits
  • Poison Path Kits
  • Grow Lights
  • Altar Kits
  • Athame’s
  • Boline’s
  • Cauldrons
  • Hats and Attire
  • Jewellery
  • Smudge Wands and Hand Rolled Incenses
  • Statues
  • Algoth’s Grove Public Community Sabbats
  • The Enclave – Full Coven
  • Witchcraft Courses
  • Healing Centre
  • Readings
  • The Community that you are looking for

We cannot wait to see you all in 2020!

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4 replies

  1. This sounds incredible. Thank you for caring.


  2. I love that you respect Spirit and the value of building a strong, vibrant, positive community for the Pagan world. I do hope you will continue your wonderful blogs as I live in Washington state (USA) and I am unable to visit your store. I love what you write-very informative and always respectful. Bless you, dear ones….may the journey of Algoth’s Grove continue to be a dynamic, affirmative and uniting voice in our Pagan community.


    • Thank you kindly dear soul. You are with us in spirit. We promise to bring you heart-centred content for as long as we can. Thank you and bless you for supporting and reading our blogs. We are truly grateful. Blessed be dear soul! xxx


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