The Purpose of Life is to be Happy

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Happiness is the will of the Goddess; Happiness is the will of the first idea of creation.”

Life is full of billions of potential outcomes. Thousands of spiritual paths. A trillion upon a trillion levels of study, but only a single truth must be the driving force for them all. That driving force is happiness.

Happiness, according to the Oxford dictionary:

  1. the state of feeling or showing pleasure;
  2. the state of being satisfied that something is good or right.

There are a million pieces of advice all over the internet, on our smartphones we have so many apps to choose from and they all advise the spiritual path. Everyone is busy being spiritual, pushing themselves into a forced meditation, a cramped yoga position to gain access to their kundalini power and reading books that mean nothing to them, because someone said, “Do it!”

This is not the point of spirituality. This is not the point and the mission of creation. Creation means for happiness to be the law of the day. A smile of satisfaction, a glint in the eyes of someone who just completed the project that has taken them two weeks. A new Tarot deck, a new job, a fresh start, an old encounter with a friend.

Too many people follow this path for power and control. Funnily enough when we hear the word power, it is a dense word. When we hear the word happy, it is a light word. It fills us, power takes from us and makes us feel tired. Happiness is power. Happiness is the key to the spiritual enlightenment. Happiness is the answer.

If being a witch means you must force yourself into the garden to pick that darn plant that you can’t remember and oh, I’ll do it tomorrow, and why these books, and ag…!!!! Too many complaints and no happiness. However, if, like me, being a witch all day, everyday makes you happy, growing your plants, writing new chants in your thousand books, or getting 15 minutes to quickly sneak a read into the day before standing under the moon with your husband and children and thanking the Goddess for the beauty around us, and still all of that makes you happy, then witch you are to be.

You need to follow the heart and allow the mind to tune into the happiness frequency. Witchcraft is not about who you can hex. Witchcraft is not about controlling anyone or anything. Witchcraft is smiling with the new daisy that just opened to greet the sun. Witchcraft is about communicating with the spirit of the lost soul and giving them access to the afterlife, and knowing their soul is at peace. Witchcraft is about blossoming your wisdom into helping and healing others. Witchcraft is a path where meeting our deities under the full moon, dancing in the spiral dance, and giving food to the fae just after dark, makes us happy.

Happiness is contagious. When you are happy, the world is happy. Lift the vibrations and remember the true spirit of magick… happiness. Forget the hell, the fear, and the power. Do what makes you happy. If your soul feels this elation, then you’re doing life right!

Find what makes you happy, because that is what the Goddess and all of creation has intended.

Algoth and I wish you, reading this, the path of happiness. Always!

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3 replies

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for the reminder of what truly matters.


  2. OMG…this so resonates with how I live my life-thank you for expressing it so eloquently in words!
    Blessings, dear ones…may you have a beautiful day!


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