The Witch’s Armchair – The Nature of God

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“We forget the spirit, the illusion of the control we think we have here, we forget that every book, every word and every action is simply an echo of a picture much larger and far more powerful than our minds, and those, those are pretty powerful things indeed.”

This post was inspired by an action taken by formidable people in the South African Pagan Community against a Facebook post, which was meant to inspire. The intentions, after asking spirit to clarify, were intended as educational; however the manner in which the childish behaviour drenched what commenced was appalling. This post is not about that; it is instead about the nature of God.

God or Goddess, spirit or the Divine lives within you and you within the great dream of it. This entire existence displays incredible feats of unimaginable miracles and scientifically mind-blowing actions. Our history is immediate and drenched with fables of wars and primitive beliefs. Even within the confines of the Wiccan landscape, we find 161 rules that would be thrown into the most fabulous bonfire for breaking a thousand laws today.

We know we have fossils, we know we have star systems, we know we have records of belief systems, and some are seen as ridiculous, and others are seen as powerful, and we try our best to dig them from the rubble and resurrect them into something that is workable today. We argue, and we slander those who have not read the 45th paragraph of a translated text written by a man whose social and economic status is unknown. We really, at the end of the day, know absolutely nothing.

Your ego is healthy and necessary. It keeps you believing and living in the present illusionary experience. It prevents you from reaching your entire being across the veil and letting go of everything that matters here. Your ego is what keeps you here, and that is excellent in the greater scheme of things. However, when your ego or your mind, or your soul begins to dictate on the nature of the gods because you believe you know them first hand, then you should sit back and breathe, look up and make bloody sure that lightening is not about to slay you down and remind you of how fragile you are in front of the face of creation.

We do not know God or Goddess in all their entirety. We are given hints of characteristics that we personify into a comfortable space to suit our lifestyle, and so we see that God and Goddess change throughout history. Today, we need contented father gods, loving mother goddesses, because that is what is missing in this fast-paced digital age. We need that, and so that is what the divine face will portray.  


You want to share your experience, do it in a loving and respectful manner. Goddess is what you want her to be; God is what you want him to be. Wicca states we have a holly and oak king fighting around the corner, the one for the light, and he will lose because it will become dark and cold again. The Asatru faith states that Thor will slam his hammer, Baldr will bellow with laughter whilst his reddened beard shakes, and the nine worlds will never be one, there will always be this separation and this social status stuck to the gods, then why are they not human? They are not human because they are divine. We mortal few only conceive humanity and all things humanized. We cannot fathom something greater because we have not remembered before our birth, and we have not understood the nature beyond this skin covering.

Stories are important. They allow us to understand our path to the divine, but the rest of the walk is not to be given back into the inked letters of control. We are to walk that path alone, alone into the arms of the divine oneness that rips your ego from your being and reminds you of who you truly are without the divinely inspired illusion to see how far you are willing to wade into the dark waters of the unknown.

Remember, the divine nature belongs to you and your soul. You cannot argue something and tear someone apart when you, yourself, are still walking the journey. When you can grasp the hand of God and know the embrace of the goddess, then argue the feeble human words. Until then, respect the journey of others and respect the nature of the Goddess and the nature of God.  

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