The Witch’s Armchair: A Moment to Myself

Written by Algoth’s Grove

But what of the people, what will they think?” asked little Henry. “Oh, my son, do they stand before the gods? Do they wear your skin? Do they live in your mind?” “No, they don’t grandpa.” “Then a moment to yourself is the recipe to the happy life that you want, is it not?” “I guess it is, grandpa.”

It’s madness in the world today. Complete and utter insanity, and just when you think you getting the hang of it, you miss that traffic sign, and a cop jumps out into the road, giving you a ticket you better pay or you may end up in jail. So, you pay the ticket, but your son is naughty and, in the queue, you want to give him a light smack on the bum, but you will get arrested for it. So, you entertain him by looking like a fool and coming up with great ways to make him good. Hello little rats, running in the fast lane, round and round again.

You get home and need to remember to take something out for dinner, but then you short of something and you have to go get it, but remember you spent that extra money on the traffic fine, so you make another plan, and another and another. Your days become moments of sidestepping the entire chaotic world. Those that are good at making plans, survive. The others, well they are gritting their teeth and holding on to fibres of strength found deep within themselves. The others, those that we cannot reach in time, well they leave, they leave, and they break our hearts, but just as grandpa mentioned to little henry above, only you matter. Or, in the very least, you matter first.

To survive this world, you need to tell the entire universe, that includes the spirit world, to bugger off for at least 30 minutes a day, every day. Not meditating, not sleeping, not reading, nothing, absolutely sweet nothing. Many people can’t do it. I know it was almost impossible for me, as I have (the doctors say) ADHD, so sitting still is like torture. But in this silence. In this place where you simply watch your mind, listen to your inner voice and be the observer – you rest. This is where you find your own strength. This is where your subconscious mind realises that you matter.

We need a moment to breathe. A moment to ourselves. A moment where you simply observe the noises, the silence, the thoughts. The secret is that there must be no attachments, no expectations and no journal about this. This is your 30 minutes of pure nothingness. The void, the darkness, the observation. Simple? Yes, this is simple, but then so is the universe and all her core teachings. The simplest answer is usually the right one. A word for those with depression and thoughts that go into the next life, take 10 minutes if it is too difficult. Don’t expect anything. Remember you are not your feelings, you are not your emotions, these things are outside of our core being. They are not what defines us. Being a manic depressive myself, my wires don’t always do what they meant to and I find myself in this place where nothing seems okay. Death is not my enemy, and I have chased her for a long time. You can’t explain depression or suicide to anyone. You can remove yourself from it though. But this takes practice and damn strong willpower. You need to want to live in the good moments. You need to want to live so badly, that that beauty and willpower carries you over the dark waters. And my moments to myself, are the selfish moments that have saved my life. You cannot be everything for everyone, you need to take a time out. Take a time out and just be, just observe, just sit down, lie down or hang upside down, whatever makes you comfortable. And after a while, the chaotic outside will not be heard anymore, you will only know the place from where you observe, your higher self.

Blessed be, and remember, if you cannot handle the hell of this chaotic world, Algoth and I are always a WhatsApp or phone call away to be that guiding light in the darkness.

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