Tarot Tuesday – Major Arcana – The Hermit

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“We saw Diogenes walking through the market today, carrying a lit lantern, inscribed with a six-pointed star, and when we approached him and asked what he was doing, he muttered: “I’m looking for an honest man.”

The Hermit – 9 – The Wise Old Man – Virgo – Retreat – Magus of the Voice of Power – Prophet of the Eternal

Archetype: Father Time, Saturn, Cronus, Merlin, Wise Sage, The Hermit, Moses, Wise Mentor, Holly King

Task / Goal: Being true to oneself, self-knowledge, introspection, completion of a cycle, humanitarianism, compassion, universality

Risk / Danger: Immaturity, eccentric,

The old man stands on the snowy peak, leaning on his staff for strength. This staff used to be a wand, held high when he was a magician, now it is a long crooked staff carrying great tales of magic and fables of long journeys. He is the nine. The number of completion. The Fool trusted in Spirit, and now this same fool stands on the peak of the mountain away from mankind, half his face illuminated to the world of man, the other half permanently nestled in the spirit world and the bosom of the divine nature of all.

The Hermit is always with us. In Wicca, he walks as the Holly King, and he mentors us through the dark half of the wheel of the year. In Arthurian tales he is Merlin, in the Christian bible he is Moses. This wise old sage exists in us all. Each time a project has reached its zenith, and it tips into the realm of ‘Yod,’ The Hermit takes your hand and leads you inwards so that you may find your solace, reflect on the experiences and understand the physical and spiritual nature of the process that you just moved through.

The Hermit is also the soul without time, without material possessions and the one who can equally move through the spiritual and physical realms. Ruled by Virgo, this Major Arcana Archetype is a meticulous mover in the energy of enlightenment. The Hermit is never alone. He is filled with the divine essence of God/dess and has the undeniable urge to teach those who come to him. He knows the path, he has walked it, and he knows the pitfalls, the ways of the world and the dangers of the tongues of man. He remembers the spirit world and is never separate from it.

In a reading, The Hermit symbolises the need to venture within. To listen to your intuition and to accept that the time has come for you to move into the realm of teaching that, that you know. You need to remember that the words that Jesus spoke when he said, “He who finds himself solitary, will be filled with light” is more accurate to the wisdom imparted by The Hermit. The one who can sit alone will understand the light of his true nature. To know to bring such time within your own life, please read our blog: A moment to myself.

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