Beaded Pentacle
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What does the Pentacle Mean?

This is an area for sometimes heated debate as the pentacle has been misunderstood and misrepresented for some time. Part of the confusion comes from the fact there is no one correct meaning of the pentacle. Like most ancient symbols, it has represented various concepts thru the years and been adapted and adopted by multiple spiritual traditions. Also like most things in Wicca, there is no right or wrong answer - you are free to decide what it means to you or the particular branch of Wicca/Paganism you follow.

Some common interpretations (by no means all-inclusive!) of the pentacle are:

The Elements: Each point represents one of the major elements in nature and witchcraft: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether or Spirit. Some say the circle represents the power of the witch to contain and control the elements. It is sometimes said that it represents the control of spirit over all creation - mind over matter.

Circle of Manifestation: Related to the use of the elements, the pentacle is seen by some to be a manifestation tool allowing the star to act as a portal for spirits while the circle contains the spirit protecting the summoner and allowing the spirit to remain within our plane longer. On a smaller scale, a pentacle can be used to manifest things you want in your life and charge crystals or other ritual tools with your intent. Pentacles used this way are often found on the Wiccan altar.

Divine Feminine: Some see the pentacle as the ultimate expression of womanhood with the open centre of the pentacle representing the womb.

Man (or Woman!): Each point stands for head, 2 arm and 2 legs with the heart corresponding to the centre of the pentacle. The circle represents mans place in the centre of the universe.

New Age Spirituality: In the 70s and 80s when Pagan paths started gaining press and more notoriety, the pentacle was generally used to stand for any of these spiritual, Neopagan paths, even if that tradition itself never used it. As such, some Neopagan practitioners have shied away from the pentacle using other symbols such as the Triquetra, Chalice, etc, in its place at least publicly though may still use a pentacle in private.

Satanism (usually with the point facing down): Seen as a symbol for the Horned God, some Satanic groups adopted the pentacle reversed to represent themselves.  (more on this later)

Witchcraft (The Craft): While Witchcraft has no one symbol that represents it, mainstream media often assumes it does and uses the pentacle in a derogatory way. A pentacle is a tool used in some witchcraft and spellwork, it does not represent Witchcraft in general.

Celestial Power: Some see the pentacle as a star overlaying the full moon making it represent the heavens and celestial energy. It can be used in this aspect to invoke universal energy.

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