The Sacred Circle Tarot
R 400.00

A uniquely interesting aspect of the Sacred Circle tarot is that it's of a Pagan nature while many of the tarot decks of previous decades were created from a Christian perspective. This perhaps makes this particular deck all the more personal and meaningful to those of us who follow Pagan (if not specifically Celtic) beliefs. Evidence of this alternative viewpoint, aside from the more Nature-revering artwork, is the alteration of some of the cards of the Major Arcana. For example, the more Christian representation of "The Fool" has been changed to the Pagan representation of "The Green Man," "The Heirophant" transforms himself into "The Druid," and "The World" adds a third word to its title, hence becoming "The World Tree." With a wealth of informative text, Sacred Circle's book provides not only detailed divinatory meanings of every card, but it also offers a very thorough insight into the symbolism of each individual character, animal, season, Element, and more.

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