Item Name Price
Cloak with Hood, no Sleeves R 1250.00
Robe with Hood R 1250.00
Archangel Oracle Cards
R 200.00
Bath Salts of the Month
R 50.00
Charcoal Packs
R 30.00
Copal Resin
R 30.00
Dark Moon Spell Candle in a Jar
R 220.00
Triquetra and Elder Futhark Protection Pendant (Double-Sided)
R 350.00
Dragon Resin Burner
R 180.00
Dragon Ouroboros Ring
R 300.00
Dragon's Blood Oil
R 185.00
Dragon's Blood Resin
R 30.00
R 35.00
Elder Futhark Rune Oracle
R 385.00
Flower of Life Pendant
R 320.00
Frankincense and Myrrh Soap and Bath Salts
R 60.00
Frankincense Resin
R 30.00
Full Moon Spell Candle in a Jar
R 220.00
Gateway Oracle Deck
R 250.00
Gold and Silver Dipped Candles
R 60.00
Algoth's Grove only sells in
south africa with a flat rate courier fee of R150
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