About Our Shop


Our little quaint shop painted in purples, blacks, greens and witchy symbols… It offers you the best of the best, mostly handmade, locally sourced goods for your rituals and your spellwork. It offers the spiritual mind, body, heart and soul a place to shop and feel the connection to whatever you may call the divine.

Our slogan, “We don’t peddle perfection, we sell soul…” means we do not bring you factory specials at exorbitant prices that pull the last cotton from your pants pockets, it means we sell soul. We sell heart-felt creations that had pure, solid intentions behind the workmanship. We take time in creating the goods that we ourselves make, and we take time in formulating a solid relationship with those special individuals who create what they do in our shop.

Algoth’s Grove is not just a little spiritual shop where you can find your tools, we are a growing hub where spiritual solace, spiritual direction and sound counselling can be found. Our workshops are all run by pure hearted spirits who have traveled the hard roads, the narrow pathways and who know their stuff. We give our solemn oath in front of the old gods never to make Algoth’s Grove about the selling, but about the soul.

If you in need of direction, in need of a coffee and a chat, in need of a coven, a spiritualist church, a pagan group, a yoga centre in your area, a workshop or meditation circle to clear the mind, or even a Reiki session then make sure that you contact us, visit us and never be afraid to ask questions. We leave no spirit at the door with unanswered questions, and if we cannot answer the question, then we bet we will know someone who has the answers.

We cannot wait to have you enter Algoth’s Grove!

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  1. The Little shop , with a lot of Soul, where you find more that what you where looking for . Thank you for being there to give us the information to feed your souls .


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