Anointing Oils for ritual and Spellwork

All our anointing oils are created with the best sourced ingredients and pure essential oils. Each bottle is blessed according to its purpose.

List of Anointing Oils

  • Anointing oil of The Universal
  • Anointing oil of The Goddess
  • Anointing oil of The God
  • Anointing Oil of The Dark Moon
  • Anointing Oil of The Full Moon
  • Anointing of Protection
  • Anointing Oil of Banishment

All oils above are charged at R180 per bottle.

List of rare Magickal Oils made exclusively by Algoth’s Grove by the recipes of old.

  • Altar Oil
  • Angel Oil
  • All purpose Anointing Oil
  • Cernunnos Oil
  • Come to me Oil
  • Commanding Oil
  • Hexing Oil
  • Invocation Oil
  • Jinx-removing Oil
  • Meditation Oil
  • Polynesian Love Oil
  • Spirit Channeling Oil
  • Three Knaves Oil (Used for Gambling)
  • Uncrossing Oil
  • Van Van Oil
  • Wanga Oil (Used to increase magickal Items)
  • Mars Oil
  • Earth Oil
  • Venus Oil
  • Mercury Oil
  • Sun Oil
  • Jupiter Oil
  • Saturn Oil
  • Uranus Oil
  • Neptune Oil
  • Pluto Oil
  • Holy Oil
  • Dragons Blood Oil
  • High Altar Oil
  • Witchbane Oil
  • Black Arts Oil
  • Fast Luck Oil

All oils above are charged at R250 per bottle.

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