Book of Shadows Basics

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“The Book of Shadows is your heart and soul between two covers, it doesn’t get shared, it doesn’t get shown. Your B.O.S. is the guardian, the keeper of your magickal journey…”

It has come to our attention that many practicing witches and pagan folk do not keep any sort of record of their spells, their magickal work or any of their findings. Sometimes it is impossible to keep a Book of Shadows,but in places where you may do this, why aren’t you doing it? A Book of Shadows passed down is one of the greatest magickal treasures, and if you didn’t get one, why not be the first to begin passing yours down.

Some of us create files, multiple notebooks, and some create an entire book. Making the book can be a spiritually fulfilling exercise and will make you treasure your book of shadows even more. You should decide on a magickal alphabet or begin creating your own to use in places where NO ONE should find what is written there. If you are creating your own paper then make sure to throw in some herbs and essential oils into the mix to safeguard and protect your work.

Algoth’s Grove have created some goodies for you to use. All the downloads below are sized for an A4 Book of Shadows, they are designed as A3 pages ready for print and can be folded into an A4. If you like the pages but need them resized, simply drop us an email with your request and we will be happy to assist. Please remember you can chop and change as you will… after all, this is YOUR work, your soul, your magick… Enjoy!

Your desired Index

  • The Redes, Creeds & Elder’s Wisdom
  • The Wheel of the year – The Sabbats
  • The Moon phases – Esbats
  • Herbal Grimoire
  • Incenses
  • Ointments & Oils
  • Crystal Grimoire
  • The Elements & their Elementals
  • Altars (Notes & various constructions)
  • Sigils, Symbols & Signs
  • My rituals
  • My spellwork
  • Entities
  • Gods
  • Goddesses
  • The Universal
  • My own poetry and charms

This page will grow over time. We will add more information to it every Wednesday so make sure to visit this page often. There is no better knowledge in the craft than that, that we learn from each other… so please send us your spells, rituals, magickal findings, drawings etc. that you would like other witch’s or pagan folk to experience. We will also be holding a B.O.S. Creation Workshop in 2019 and will update this page with details.

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