Theoretical Thursday

The Art of Dreaming

More than half of our lives are spent on the dreamscape. It is sad to imagine that more than a third of the population never take full advantage of the wisdom gained from this vast and magical reality.

Take back your Strength, protect yourself!

This article was written especially in light of a special christian woman with a child who is facing abuse from an ex husband on his visitations to their child. Please keep her in mind and send loving healing energy to her that his heart may change or that he may be kept at bay so that she may find joy and peace. Please also take a moment to think of all the people out their who suffer at the hands of abusive people… let us bring peace to the world. Remember something, if you do just one thing today, be kind.

The Element of Water and her Undines

Remember that water dispels the anger, she calms the spirit, but before she allows you to gently ride the current of a pure life, she will send you through the rapids of inner turmoil, she will drown you and she will leave you in her womb of watery fear and darkness until you are cleansed throughout.

Wassail! It’s all about Yule!

Yule, Yuletide, Hjol, Jol, is one of the eight pagan Sabbats. It is a great festival of gift giving and welcoming back the warmth of the sun and of course, figuratively and literally, letting go of all the darkness. Yule brings with its festivities a deep psychological change in every pagan, and the ritual usually allows safe space for letting go and climbing a step higher toward our true selves. 

The Altar

The altar is first in the soul, then in the heart, then in the material, it is only then that the altar can jolt the mind to chant the invocations necessary to bring it to life.