Covens & Pagan Affiliations

Here we will be adding those covens that we feel are doing something awesome for the pagan community, pagan and spiritual centres that are healing and making a difference and those people whose businesses make a difference in our spiritual lives.


Welcome to PAN (Pagan Assistance Network) Currently our main focus is on the uniting of the Pagan community. PAN is used as a platform to link Pagans all over the world, locally and internationally. This has proved very handy when changing countries, states etc. You are able to find out a lot about where you are going and what Pagan and other things are available at your new destination. We also unite the Pagan community by organizing annual events and we have three to date, Pagan Freedom Day, Yule festival, Pagan Heritage Day and coming soon Old Hallows Eve. We aim to expand our events Nationally to compliment the ground breaker, Pagan Freedom Day. With the possibility of arranging get-together’s, workshops, fun days and youth involvement. Working in conjunction with our established Covens, Temples, Groves and even Kindreds.

If you are a pagan coven, shop, business that has pagan practices or beliefs and you believe that you are making a difference in the community. Let us have some coffee or a chat and you are welcome to advertise on this page for free. Simply fill out your details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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