External Readers & teachers

The readers below are from around the country and read at their own premises / yours. Feel free to contact them to book your reading / courses today. All readers and teachers listed here are independent from Algoth’s Grove and act under their own identity.

Arianna Ní Bhraonáin

Arianna has been extensively involved in the spiritual world of in depth occult practices and does a wide variety of readings as well as energy reading and palmistry. Give Arianna a call now on 0810470447

Anna-Marie Jansen

Anna-Marie is a world class Tarot Reader as well as a cognitive behavioral therapist. Give her a call now on 067 160 0432.

Patrick ‘Dragon’ Rohland

Patrick has created his own manner of reading. He uses energy patterns and extensive knowledge of the human psyche to read your future. Call him now on 084 794 3000.

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