Nightshade Purplebroom

“Witchcraft is the poetry of the land, it rises up from the darkest depths, infernal and serpentine, and winds its way through our bones and blood. “- Nightshade Purplebroom

The Bone Mother

I am a Storyteller, Poet, Artist, Animist and Witch with a deep love for poisonous plants, and all venomous beings. I have a special fondness for the Solanaceae which I grow in my suburban garden and craft into witches flying ointments as part of my oaths to Hekate. I have an interest in folk herbalism, and create medicinal salves for those who are need of the deep, and powerful plant medicine that our ancestors knew so well.

In the Gloaming

I work with wing, bone and feather gathered compassionately on my walks along the spirit track as part of my work with Anubis, restoring peace and dignity to the lost and neglected through processing and ritual.

The Ragers Feast

My Witchcraft, Art, and Writing explore my ever-unfolding relationship with land and spirit through mythology and folklore. I am especially interested in engaging with European folklore of my roots from a modern and feminine perspective.

The Night the Toad Swallowed the Moon

“Stories can heal, they can re-animate the dead, they can fill our cups and our bowls with fruit and wine and friendship. Stories can be written, or spoken, or sung, or danced, or painted, but in whatever form they are made, they have untold power.”- Nightshade Purplebroom

“There are foxes in the garden now,

Purple, Spotted, and full of Cunning

Offering up wildness,

with their lolling tongues, and blood-spattered teeth.

They dance and bow in the wind;

The She-Fox is coming-

With Her sly grin and the gleam of fire in Her eyes-

She stole the milk from the moon,

and honey from sun, And now she speaks with madness and sweetness

about magic, and ecstasy, and the stars…

The She Fox

-Nightshade Purplebroom

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