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  • Power, Drugs and the Pagan Soul

    “The hierarchy and the illusion that your cells are any different to the man on the corner… that false power is a drug more dangerous, but just as addictive as any chemical…”

  • A question of belonging

    “The vine creeps ever upward, alongside the walls, it creeps anywhere it can find a footing… do not aim to be like the vine, aim instead to be like the bird who soars above, and chooses where it lands… but always know in your heart, that without the vine there would be no place to land…”

  • I am a tree, and I like it

    “Each being is unique, and the soul is too… self-identification with idols, spirits, animals and trees are part of the experience…”

  • The Loneliness

    Written by Algoths Grove “It’s a weakness from within that prevents the feet from walking or the heart from whispering… “Help me.” I lost my dearest friend almost a month and a bit ago… I lost her physical form to… Read More ›

  • The Theatre Act & The Soul

    “‘Tis a pity that many lose themselves in the theatre of it all and never taste the elixir of its magick…”