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  • Fae & Foxglove

    “Sometimes it’s a hat, sometimes it’s a glove, but almost always it knows the route to where the fae are hiding… beware though, knowing the secrets means you need to pass through the underworld… and who knows when you shall return?”

  • The Devotional side of Humanity

    “The connection to the divine begins by finding the divinity within. If you cannot see the divinity within, your heart will never see the divinity without. You make your own religion, your own spirituality and you begin by looking within.”

  • Spiritual Tools for Healing Depression

    “The darkness is indescribable. The embrace that is always just a little too tight for comfort, is a daunting reality for too many precious souls. However, there is a way to navigate through the darkness, and use it to your advantage.”

  • Herbal Grimoire: The Shocking Truth of Aloe Vera

    “The plant of immortality was documented by the Egyptians as early as 16 Century BC. However, science has evolved, and we have found that this beauty isn’t as safe as we would have liked to believe.”

  • Spirit Grimoire: The Archangels

    “Love is the whole of the law… but love is not a human creation or even a human understanding… it is a surrender of will to our own inner divine purpose, whatever that may be…”