Spiritual Life Coaching

What sort of treatment can you expect?

My therapy is focused around a heart-centered approach. Spiritual
wholeness is key. My methods of treatment are designed in light of
promoting balance and spiritual wholeness in all aspects of your life.
Acceptance of self and creating a clear perception of the world around you
is one of the highlights of my treatment. My aim is to allow you to exercise
appropriate judgement in all interactions, whether they be personal,
commercial or academic. I use various readings within the treatments including The Lenormand, Tarot, Oracle, Coffee and Fire Scrying. It depends on what the session calls for.

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About your Spiritual Life Coach

Welcome, if you are reading this then you have chosen to walk a path
with me as your Spiritual Life Coach or are thinking about it. My name is Morgaine Crowley and I have walked a long path myself with the undeniable passion for healing people from all walks of life.
I have studied extensively in all forms of healing arts, from spending time
with Peruvian Shamans to working closely with alternative methods of
healing and healing modalities. I have completed my Reiki masters but
do not utilize Reiki in my treatment but may call in a fellow master when
necessary. Instead I believe in working from the inside out,
from the core of the person and allowing them to see their
own light, once this takes place they can radiate that light into the world
and follow the path that will bring them wholeness and happiness.
I do however not guarantee miracles, change will always take place with
spiritually centered healing but it is the person that must want to heal.


What does a therapy session cost and how long does it last?

To see the full list of therapies covered please visit my Facebook page and you are welcome to book through Facebook as well.

How to book a session?

Simply fill out the form below and I will contact you within 24hours to chat. For emergencies contact me on 082 572 1539.

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