Medicine Monday – Bushman’s Ecstasy

“It is not a drug, it is Mother Nature’s way of bringing love and light into her people. When you become greedy to get high, she will make you throw it up and sit with your mouth shut and your head pounding… but if you thank her, if you use it wisely, she will make you feel more loved than ever before… and who doesn’t want to rest in Mother Nature’s Bosom?”

Fae & Foxglove

“Sometimes it’s a hat, sometimes it’s a glove, but almost always it knows the route to where the fae are hiding… beware though, knowing the secrets means you need to pass through the underworld… and who knows when you shall return?”

The Magickal Bay Laurel

Not only is the Bay Laurel leaf excellent for prosperity magick, but it is a powerful cleanser of the home. It is said that the smoke from a Bay Laurel leaf travels straight to the intended spiritual recipient/s, carrying with it your dreams, your wishes and your spells.