Wassail! It’s all about Yule!

Yule, Yuletide, Hjol, Jol, is one of the eight pagan Sabbats. It is a great festival of gift giving and welcoming back the warmth of the sun and of course, figuratively and literally, letting go of all the darkness. Yule brings with its festivities a deep psychological change in every pagan, and the ritual usually allows safe space for letting go and climbing a step higher toward our true selves. 

The Gender of your Magickal Tools

Magickal tools are used, above all, to exercise the imagination to strengthen the working of the witch in question. It is not always necessary to use them, and a witch who is adept in their magical workings may almost never use their tools and only use the energies contained in themselves. 

Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon, or alternatively Drawing Down The Goddess is both a practice taken by a High Priestess within ritual in the bounds of circle, or a ritual practice on it’s own performed by a solitary practitioner. In this article we will be providing the words and ways of using them both, we will also be outlining where this ancient ritual practice originated from and why it is done.