Wassail! It’s all about Yule!

Yule, Yuletide, Hjol, Jol, is one of the eight pagan Sabbats. It is a great festival of gift giving and welcoming back the warmth of the sun and of course, figuratively and literally, letting go of all the darkness. Yule brings with its festivities a deep psychological change in every pagan, and the ritual usually allows safe space for letting go and climbing a step higher toward our true selves. 

A Hot Cuppa Tasseography

Tasseography, Tasseeomancy or Tassology is the art of divining by reading coffee grinds, tea leaves or even wine sediments left on the bottom of the cup. There are many people who believe in a small ritual before hand, but the real magick lies in the conversation whilst the cup is being held and the beverage consumed by the person in question. 

The Magick of Reading with The Ogham Staves

The ancient druidic Celts understood the language of the trees. They could speak the tongues of the rustling leaves and the reflection of light that fell upon their sacred grounds. They could see into the far off times beyond the confinements of man made rules. They knew the spirit of each and every stone, plant, tree and animal that walked their lands.